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Know Mo, which stands for knowledge mobilization, aims to be the hub for addictions and mental health information in Alberta.

The site’s purpose is to get the right information in the right format to the right people in a timely manner, to influence decision-making and to promote partnerships.

Feature Story

Restoring balance

Developing a wellness initiative for urban Aboriginal people

 “Spirituality has been an important part of being an [Indigenous] Aboriginal people. Honouring and respecting traditional teachings has led many of our people into healing themselves and their loved ones. Teachings... connect the people and are positive tools for controlling our own lives.” Angie Crerar, Grande Prairie (ANFCA Cultural Inquiry Report, 2010).

Indigenous peoples around the world have strong ideologies about health and wellness, their cultures and traditions revealing biological truths learned through thousands of years of experience. Indigenous healing practices are a mystery to outsiders who favour scientific evidence to historical ways of knowing. Despite opposition, indigenous people believe that traditional healing ways provide solutions for a variety of health problems including addiction.

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